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Managed IT-Services

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NGT Technology specializes in Managed IT services which are the perfect solution for any small and medium size businesses that don't have the budget or the time to manage their own IT.

Let us help you get started with our managed IT services plan, which includes monitoring, management, data storage and security, trained managed IT service professionals, and pay-as-you-go service plans.

How Will Your Business Benefit From Managed IT Services?

Cost savings

Our managed IT services are up to 50% less expensive than comparable in-house solutions. You'll also save on hardware costs because we take care of everything from servers to desktops.

Time savings and consistency

by using our managed IT services, you'll never have to worry about finding new contractors every time something goes wrong with your computers and networks again. We handle everything from setup to maintenance so that you can focus on what matters most—running your business!

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